Jaromy Henry hails from Donalsonville, GA., a small town with a dark, checkered past. He played in the same streets as John and Clarence Anglin–two of the only people to ever escape from the maximum security prison of Alcatraz, and he was

35521054_10157465721976124_8965052568866652160_nfriends with several members of the Alday family (Donalsonville was the site of the second largest mass murder in Georgia’s history–the Alday Murders). Jaromy was also neighbors to the Squirrel Man but moved after discovering a large squirrel cemetery behind the man’s property. He still wakes up in night-sweats from the horrifying images.

After meeting his wife, Myrna Rose, he packed up his things and a plethora of story ideas and moved about forty-five minutes away to the slightly bigger town of Dothan, Alabama, a.k.a. Circle City.

Jaromy discovered a passion for writing at an early age: he wrote his first book, a children’s picture book, at thirteen. While this book is still unpublished, he still has his original manuscript (with hand-drawn illustrations) and often gets requests to read it from his two beautiful daughters, Myranda and Madyson.